Digital link for FMCG

Connect fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) to the Internet in a snap. Turn products into branded media, streamline your supply chain and collect real-life data.
Digital link FMCG‌

Enter the age of superproducts

Easily share product information

Easily share product information

Provide detailed info to partners and consumers when they need it.

Product Passport-ready

Get Product

Make compliance with packaging regulations worldwide a piece of cake.

Embrace next level marketing

Embrace next-level marketing

Engage shoppers better at POS and home with context-based actions.

The augmented QR code that frees up space on your packaging

Digital link QR codes combine the capabilities of the good old barcodes, including light-speed checkout at POS, with new and incredible web-based superpowers. Making all other 1D and 2D codes and tags that crowd your product packaging obsolete.

chain tracking

Upgrade your supply chain tracking

Digital link for FMCG allows you to follow consumer packaged goods cradle-to-grave, from the plant to the store, and after the purchase, too. It’s a wealth of information that helps you improve the traceability of the FMCG supply chain, enables more efficient inventory management and waste control, makes product recalls easier and safer.

context-based marketing

Tap into context-based marketing

Imagine being able to deliver laser-focused content and trigger highly tailored marketing actions through a QR code depending on how many times a shopper visited it. Or if the visit happened before or after the purchase, which country it came from, on which month of the year, or what hour of the day. Digital link QR codes give you the power to do so.


Unlock unvaluable real-life analytics

All scans received by a digital link QR code are recorded, providing additional geolocated data along the extended product lifecycle. In short, FMCG brands can now discover firsthand the missing part of products’ stories: what happens when consumers bring them home and afterward. With digital links, any item becomes a data point for next-gen business intelligence.

selling products

Start selling products through products

Digital link QR codes turn fast-moving consumer goods into powerful D2C (direct-to-consumer) sales machines. Digital link for FMCG connects items with branded e-shops or e-commerce platforms, but there’s much more to it. Advanced solutions, such as replenishment services or behavioral cross-selling and upselling offers, can be implemented quickly.

authenticity and strengthen brand trust

Ensure authenticity and strengthen brand trust

Counterfeit products might destroy any manufacturer’s reputation, but the risk is even higher for FMCG categories such as early nutrition foods or pharmaceutical products. Digital link QR codes are a reliable and sustainable solution to enable any actor in the supply chain – and consumers in particular – to validate the authenticity of a product with just a scan.

Digital Link for FMCG:
product digitization at scale

Mobile-first product pages

Mobile-first product pages

Generate landing pages optimized for smartphones for your products with just a GTIN number. Link them to any online resources and customize their appearance to match your brand.

Dynamic customizable QR Codes

Dynamic customizable QR codes

Automatically create a dynamic QR code for each item to use on your product packaging. Edit their content any time you want: there's no need to reprint them when you update them.

Reports and analytics

Reports and analytics

Access detailed statistics about visits to your digital links, including scan locations, time, and device used. Connect our platform to Google Analytics to further enrich data.

Bulk creation and automation

Bulk creation and automation

Create large amounts of digital links all at once. We verify the GTINs entered and populate product pages with info from our database – you can review and modify them later on.

Be a leader in the transition from barcodes to digital links.