Digital link for food and beverage

Explore how digital link for food and beverage transforms the industry, ensuring quality, traceability, and informed choices for consumers.
Digital link for food and beverage

Enter the age of superproducts

Enhanced traceability


Track products from source to ensure consumer safety and quality.

Consumer empowerment

Consumer empowerment

Instantly access nutritional data, sourcing, and sustainability details.

Simplified compliance


Ensures effortless compliance with global food safety and regulatory standards.

A digital twin for every food and beverage product

Digital links are not just a technological upgrade; it’s a paradigm shift. It’s about integrating smart, interconnected systems that offer comprehensive insights and foster transparency.

This transformation is essential in today’s market where informed consumers demand more from their products.

Decoding ingredients and nutrition

Decoding ingredients and nutrition

Digital links simplifies navigating the intricacies of FDA nutritional labeling. By enhancing label readability, they aid in understanding and comparing nutritional facts and ingredient lists. This digital solution ensures compliance with FDA guidelines, helping consumers make informed dietary choices with ease.

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Meeting the EU wine labeling requirements

The EU Regulation 2021/2117 requires all wine and aromitized wine bottles on the European market to provide ingredients and nutritional facts. Digital link QR codes facilitate compliance for vineyards and distributors, ensuring labels meet the standards. This enhancement brings transparency and trust to consumers, assuring them of the authenticity and quality of their wine selections.

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Trace your food’s journey

Experience the journey of your food like never before. Digital link QR codes’ advanced tracking capabilities allow you to follow your food’s path from its source to your table. By scanning it, you can see the entire history of the product, including its origin, processing, and transportation. This level of transparency builds trust and assures you of the safety and authenticity of your food.

Global standards, local tables​

Global standards, local tables

With digital links, keeping pace with global food safety requirements is effortless. Thanks to our team of counselors and compliance experts, our platform is continuously updated to reflect the latest international regulations and quality standards. This will help you provide the right information to consumers at any time.

Engage with food on a new level​

Engage with food on a new level

Transform how consumers interact with food and beverage products using digital links. Our digital link QR codes go beyond traditional information; they offer augmented reality experiences, direct feedback options, and personalized recommendations. This interactive approach brings a new level of engagement to the dining experience, allowing people to connect with your brand in a fun and informative way.

Eco-friendly choices made easy​

Eco-friendly choices made easy

Make environmentally responsible choices easy, providing detailed information about the sustainability efforts of each product, from farm practices to packaging materials. This transparency empowers consumers to choose products that align with their values, helping them to contribute to a healthier planet with every purchase.

Digital Link for food and beverage:
product digitization at scale

Mobile-first product pages

Mobile-first product pages

Generate landing pages optimized for smartphones for your products with just a GTIN number. Link them to any online resources and customize their appearance to match your brand.

Dynamic customizable QR Codes

Dynamic customizable QR codes

Automatically create a dynamic QR code for each item to use on your product packaging. Edit their content any time you want: there's no need to reprint them when you update them.

Reports and analytics

Reports and analytics

Access detailed statistics about visits to your digital links, including scan locations, time, and device used. Connect our platform to Google Analytics to further enrich data.

Bulk creation and automation

Bulk creation and automation

Create large amounts of digital links all at once. We verify the GTINs entered and populate product pages with info from our database – you can review and modify them later on.

Be a leader in the transition from barcodes to digital links.

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Ensure FDA and European compliance, enhance traceability, and empower consumers with digital link for food and beverage

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