Digital link for apparel & textiles

Bring clothing online with digital links for apparel & textiles. Validate items' authenticity efficiently, connect with shoppers directly, and prepare your brand for the EU Digital Product Passport.

Enter the age of superproducts

Easily share product information

Verify authenticity with a single QR

Reduce counterfeits and reassure consumers and retailers.

Product Passport-ready

Build one-to-one relationships

Turn products into an always-on channel with brand fans.

Embrace next level marketing

Anticipate compliance challenges

Get ready for the DPP for textiles and prevent losses.

A single small QR code that fits your XXL business need

Fake clothing products account for 30% of the global counterfeit market. Now, imagine verifying items’ authenticity with the same QR that tracks their movements through the supply chain, gives shoppers access to promotions and exclusive content, provides mandatory information required by law, and gets scanned at stores for checkout.

This is what a digital link for apparel is capable of.
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Get EU Digital Product Passport-ready

Setting up sustainable procedures and tools in advance to avoid a potential “product passport meltdown” would be in itself a good enough reason to adopt digital link QR Codes now. A Digital Product Passport providing detailed manufacturing info to consumers via a QR Code will be mandatory for textile products in all EU countries soon. And digital links are the ideal solution to comply with the new regulations without cluttering your labels and packaging. Our digital link QR Codes are natively designed for creating and maintaining an updated product page with all relevant details and links required by the law.
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Strengthen authenticity and trust

Illicit competition from counterfeiting and grey market diversion cost fashion brands around $60 billion annually. And this doesn’t account for how much bogus products undermine brand integrity and erode consumer trust. Digital link for apparel provides to retailers and shoppers an easy way to certify the authenticity of an item with just a scan of a QR – no holograms, RFID tags, or other complicated technology. Even at later stages of their lifecycle, such as in the secondhand (or preloved) market.
3 Digital link for apparel

Engage brand lovers anytime, anywhere

Digital link for apparel helps companies bridge the gap between brands and shoppers in unprecedented ways. Imagine tailoring content precisely based on interactions – whether someone scanned a digital link QR Code before or after a purchase, from which country, or even the time of day. By assessing patterns like frequent visits or seasonal preferences, fashion brands can craft personalized experiences, deepening their direct connection with shoppers and enhancing brand loyalty.
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Unlock next-level supply chain management

In the complex landscape of the fashion industry, supply chain management often presents multifaceted challenges, from inventory mismanagement to inefficiencies in distribution. Digital link for apparel offers a solution by providing a standardized system to track products throughout their journey. This ensures accurate monitoring of garments from production to retail, aiding in timely inventory adjustments and minimizing waste. By integrating digital links, fashion companies can navigate supply chain intricacies more effectively, leading to streamlined operations and sustainable practices.
5 Digital link for apparel

Collect firsthand insights from shoppers

Digital Link QR Codes completely transform how apparel companies understand their products’ post-purchase journey. Every scan is meticulously logged, offering geolocated information spanning an item’s extended lifecycle. This means fashion brands can now tap into the previously elusive narrative of how clothing and accessories are used and cherished once they find a place in someone’s wardrobe. It’s a wealth of data that can drive the next wave of design and marketing innovations.

Digital Link for apparel:
product digitization at scale

Mobile-first product pages

Mobile-first product pages

Generate landing pages optimized for smartphones for your products with just a GTIN number. Link them to any online resources and customize their appearance to match your brand.

Dynamic customizable QR Codes

Dynamic customizable QR codes

Automatically create a dynamic QR code for each item to use on your product packaging. Edit their content any time you want: there's no need to reprint them when you update them.

Reports and analytics

Reports and analytics

Access detailed statistics about visits to your digital links, including scan locations, time, and device used. Connect our platform to Google Analytics to further enrich data.

Bulk creation and automation

Bulk creation and automation

Create large amounts of digital links all at once. We verify the GTINs entered and populate product pages with info from our database – you can review and modify them later on.

Be a leader in the transition from barcodes to digital links.