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Create digital twins of your products in a breeze. Enhance your labels with digital links and exclusive QRBARCODES©. Meet regulatory requirements easily and connect with shoppers like never before.

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Product digitization seems
a problem? We're the resolver.

No matter your business size or challenges, linking your products to the Internet should be easy and cost-effective. With Digital Link, there’s no need for a big IT team or legal experts to conform with labeling laws, optimize your marketing efforts, and monitor item lifecycles. Just your product info.
3 Bring your products online 1 with just a GTIN

Bring your products online with just a GTIN.

A product ID is all you need to make a digital link. It’s really that simple. Just enter a GTIN in our digital link generator, and we’ll set up everything for you. Actually, you can also go ahead and create a digital link QR code without a GTIN and complete the configuration later.

When you have finished, you can download it as a regular QR, a QRBARCODE©, or both. Wait, what’s a QRBARCODE©???
Get exclusive access to the powerful QRBARCODES©

Get exclusive access to the powerful QRBARCODES©

The revolutionary QRBARCODE© combines a barcode and a QR code in a single optimized image. The same QRBARCODE© can be read as a UPC by current scanners at points of sale or distribution centers and as a QR by regular consumer smartphones, serving multiple purposes at the same time and replacing all other codes on product packaging.

QRBARCODES© are set to transform product interaction as you know it and are only available at Digital Link.

Digitize now

Digitize now. Upgrade
your hardware later.

QRBARCODES© natively encode GS1 digital links. With QRBARCODES© you can implement
digital links in your operations today, without the costly transition from 1D to 2D scanners.

A tool that fits your content. Not the other way around

A tool that fits your content. Not the other way around.

What are you gonna share through your digital links? Our flexible content editor covers all your needs. You can simply redirect to a website, link to an optimized Smart Page with all the regulatory information required for your product category, or drive people to a custom landing page packed with online resources, engaging content, and promotions.

All details can be updated anytime without reprinting the codes since our QRs are dynamic.
7 Accelerate product compliance with amazing Smart Pages 1

Accelerate product compliance with amazing Smart Pages.

Think of Smart Pages as compliance templates. Preset web pages optimized for mobile view and available for most regulatory purposes. With a Smart Page you can easily meet labeling requirements and share with consumers all relevant details for your category: ingredient lists, nutritional facts, recycling and disposal instructions, even a EU Digital Product Passport (DPP).

Product info is automatically populated based on the GTIN, but you can edit and update everything. New use cases are constantly added as new laws take effect.

seamless integrations

Highly scalable
with seamless integrations.

Product info are fetched directly from the most reliable databases. Want to automate the process with your own data? We can integrate with your ERP or any source you have.
Share flawless landing pages that inform and engage

Share flawless landing pages that inform and engage.

Ever fancied establishing a direct relationship with shoppers and connecting with them at any stage of the product lifecycle, even after the purchase? A custom landing page turns your product into the most effective marketing channel.

Custom landing pages are like link-in-bio pages, but for products. You can add any type of content and links and personalize them to match your brand identity. Videos, social media, promotions, loyalty programs: the sky’s the limit. And you can refresh them whenever you need.
Get more scans with beautifully customized digital link codes

Get more scans with beautifully customized digital link codes.

Who said that QR codes have to be boring? Not us. Both digital link QR codes and QRBARCODES© can be personalized to stand out and seamlessly blend with the graphic design of your packaging and make them even more effective.

You can add a colorful frame to highlight them that also works as a “quiet zone” to keep the code perfectly readable. You can insert a call-to-action to encourage scanning. And you can include the GTIN as a fall back solution for cashiers when the packaging is damaged or the code is obscured. All with just a couple of clicks.
11 Editables codes 1

Branded URLs

Show your name in the link or use your domain.

12 Bulk generation 1

Bulk generation

Make digital links for your entire catalogue at once.

13 workspace management 1

Workspace management

Organize links with projects
and assign teams.

Simplified compliance

Safe and robust

State-of-the-art cybersecurity. >99.9% uptime.

Keep track of the performance of your digital links

Keep track of the performance of your digital links.

Measure the results of your digital links with real-time analytics. Discover how many scans your QRs and QRBARCODES© get and how much traffic your Smart Pages and landing pages receive. See from where visits come, with what type of device, and much more. Tracking can be deactivated when regulations require not to trace visitors.

Add a third dimension to your data, get vital insights about your supply chain, and optimize your customer experience and marketing efforts with granular information.

The answer to all your regulatory and operational needs.

Meet labeling requirements

Meet labeling

Simplify compliance with FDA food
, the EU Digital Product
, and more.

Boost shopper engagement

Boost shopper

Connect directly with consumers
through physical products, before and
after the purchase.

18 Make the value chain visible 1

Make the value
chain visible

Individually track items cradle-to-
. Prevent bottlenecks and
streamline stock management.

Be a leader in the transition from barcodes to digital links.