GS1 digital link resolver explained

gs1 digital link resolver

How can a digital link QR code serve not only a web address but many different purposes? What’s the magic that makes this code work with both professional scanners and consumer phones, redirecting users to the most appropriate resource? The answer is a resolving service. In this guide, you will discover what the GS1 digital […]

Product authentication: the essential guide for ensuring brand protection

Product authentication

Introduction The importance of product authentication in today’s market In an era where counterfeit goods flood the market, the significance of product authentication has never been more critical. Ensuring authenticity is crucial to maintaining brand integrity and safeguarding consumers from harm. The concept of product authenticity goes beyond merely distinguishing genuine products from fake ones; […]

Digital link for food and beverage

Digital link for food and beverage

Explore how digital link for food and beverage transforms the industry, ensuring quality, traceability, and informed choices for consumers.

EU Digital Product Passport for textiles: empowering sustainability in the fashion industry

product passport for textiles

What is the EU Product Passport for textiles? An EU Digital Product Passport for apparel and textiles is a tool that provides comprehensive information about a textile product’s environmental sustainability. It goes beyond traditional product labels and includes details such as the product’s composition, origin, footprint, repair, maintenance, and recycling instructions. The digital passport is […]

Digital link for apparel & textiles

0 Digital link for apparel

Bring clothing online with digital links for apparel & textiles. Validate items’ authenticity efficiently, connect with shoppers directly, and prepare your brand for the EU Digital Product Passport.

How to simplify product compliance with digital links

How to simplify product compliance

As product compliance regulations proliferate worldwide, consumer product manufacturers face mounting pressures to transparently demonstrate adherence to applicable regulatory requirements. Digital links provide an optimal solution, granting regulators and supply chain partners on-demand access to comprehensive product compliance data through online channels. This guide explores how brands can leverage digital links to meet regulatory compliance across diverse global markets.

Digital link for FMCG

Digital link FMCG‌

Connect fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) to the Internet in a snap. Turn products into branded media, streamline your supply chain and collect real-life data.

How to transform your supply chain with digital links

How to transform your supply chain with digital links

Supply chain management is a complex and critical aspect of modern businesses, often challenged by inefficiencies and evolving consumer demands. Digital links offer innovative solutions to these pain points, enabling organizations to streamline operations and enhance product traceability. In this guide, we will explore various applications of digital link QR codes in supply chain management, addressing the specific needs of supply chain professionals.